Capa de revista do MIT

MIT press

A Revista de Inteligência Artificial do MIT, Artificial Life, dedica as capas das edições de 2008 às minhas “Swarm Paintings” realizadas em 2001.
Texto de apresentação no interior do número de Janeiro:
“The cover depicts one of the Swarm Paintings produced in 2001 by Leonel Moura. These paintings were the result of several experiments with an Ant Algorithm that applied virtual emergent pheromone trails to a real space pictorial expression. In this case, a computer running an ant algorithm was connected to a robotic arm (a CAD/CAM machine), which translated trails generated by the artificial swarm of ants into brush strokes. Considering the dynamics of the deposition/evaporation mechanism, the robotic arm would operate only when a certain pheromone peak threshold was reached. The swarm paintings initiated Moura’s use of robotics in emergent machine creativity. In the same year he produced a swarm of autonomous ant-like-robots (coined ArtSBot) with sensorial capacity and in which pheromones were replaced by color. In 2006 a creative autonomous robot, RAP (Robotic Art Painter), was installed as a permanent resident at the Museum of Natural History in New York.”


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